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The cards. The SanDisk Extreme is a class 10 card, and does HD video just fine, while the Mobile Ultra card struggles. The difference is also obvious when shooting in burst mode: The buffer is emptied much faster on the Extreme, and with the buffer full, still manages almost 1 fps. The Mobile Ultra card only does around 0.5 fps, with more erratic performance.

Canon 600D and memory cards

Don't skimp on the media

Since the Canon EOS 600D supports HD video, I went out and picked up a new SD card (full HD often uses around 300 MB for one minute of video). For more flexibility, I got a SanDisk Mobile Ultra micro-SD 16GB card with an SD adapter, so that I could use it in my cell phone or tablet. However, while recording was fine mostly, it would sometimes stop, the camera displaying the message "recording has been stopped automatically". Despite being a class 6 card, it seemed too slow. I picked up a SanDisk Extreme class 10 card instead, and I have had no problems since.

John insipid

Exactly what I needed to read


Thanks For The Info As We Was Having Major Problems & It Works A Treat Now


San Disk is one of the best manufacturing companies for micro SD card. I do agree with you; last time I was also using micro SD card and I faced great problem due to it. Then, I started to use SD card of company Easy replication and I had never face any problem.

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