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The home screen is now completely different and feels pretty much like any other Android phone.

Installing Android 2.3 Gingerbread on SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

If it ain't broke, tweak it

I have had the SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro for about two years, and its age is really starting to show. One weakness is the fact that it's still stuck with Android 2.1 (Eclair) with no update in sight. But before ponying up for a new phone, I wanted to see if there was any way to remedy this. And luckily, there is! This may be old news to some, but the nice people over at CyanogenMod have found ways to install custom Android firmwares, often including newer versions than your manufacturer offers. Read on for a short how-to on how to root and flash your phone with such a firmware.

About CyanogenMod

Android cannot just be installed on any device, it needs to be customized for your phone first. Typically, this is done by the manufacturer itself. However, many manufacturers are slow or unwilling to release updates to their phones since it costs resources and they would obviously prefer that the customer buys a new phone instead of updating their existing one. So what to do when your phone is capable, but the manufacturer not? Answer: CyanogenMod. It is a customized version of Android - thank god for open source - with some nice extra features added by the community, like USB tethering and CPU overclocking. A large number of devices are supported, fortunately including an Android 2.3.7 version for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro. Much further customization is also done over at XDA Developers.

Some useful links:

CyanogenMod typically delivers pretty much a pure Android experience, which you may or may not like. The user interface of the X10 Mini Pro was customized to work well on a small screen. For example, you have application shortcuts in each corner of the screen, and each widget uses up a whole page. This will change after the update, unless you find a firmware (or possibly market app) with these special customizations.

The standard user interface of the phone. Only one widget per screen is allowed and there is a shortcut in each corner.
The standard user interface of the phone. Only one widget per screen is allowed and there is a shortcut in each corner.

A word of warning

Performing these steps will wipe all your data, void your warranty and may brick your phone, so don't do it. But you knew that already. ;)

The steps below probably only work with the SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, although the process for other phones may be similar. Also, this is the way I did it. There may be better or safer ways. I recommend checking the links above to get a better understanding of the procedure before continuing.

Some things (other than only the user interface) may not work after the update. My phone has a physical QWERTZ-keyboard and after the upgrade, I noticed it behaved like a QWERTY-layout. There are fixes though, check the XDA Developers forum thread.

How to: Steps overview

  1. Make a backup. Optional, but a good idea.
  2. Root the device. This will allow applications to do a few interesting things, like changing system files.
  3. Install BusyBox. Needed for the next step.
  4. Install xRecovery. This program will perform the actual upgrade.
  5. Downloading the update. There are several compatible firmwares, available directly from CyanogenMod or XDA Developers.
  6. Performing the update. That is, flashing the firmware.

1. Making a backup

Ok, I skipped this step (possibly hoping I would brick the phone and be forced to get a new one). The phone will be wiped completely so a backup of everything which is not on the SD card is in order. CyanogenMod recommends making a NANDroid backup of the current ROM. Also make sure all your contacts, calendar, apps etc. are backed up.

2. Rooting the device

In order to be able to change the system partition on the phone, we need root access (think administrator permissions). I used SuperOneClick as described in this how-to: Worked like a charm. Just remember to enable USB debugging on the phone first.

3. Installing BusyBox

Needed for xRecovery to work. Get it here.

4. Installing xRecovery

Once installed, xRecovery can be started during boot. We will use it to wipe data from the phone (including cache) and performing the update. The program does the same as the ClockworkMod but according to some sources it cannot be installed on this device (haven't tried it myself though).

A good guide on how to install xRecovery is available from

5. Downloading the update

You need to use a firmware compatible with the device. The one from CyanogenMod should be a good start. I ended up using this one, which has a Android 4-like look (still 2.3.7 though) and it has worked really well for me so far.

Download the Zip-file, rename to "" and copy to the root folder of the phone's SD card.

6. Performing the update

Switch off the phone and switch it on again. While booting, press the back button repeatedly when the white "SonyEricsson" text is showing. xRecovery starts. Perform the following steps:

  1. Factory reset (full wipe)
  2. Wipe cache partition
  3. Install from sd card (should this fail, try another firmware)
  4. Factory reset (full wipe) (should make sure the system runs more stable)
  5. Wipe cache partition

All done! Reboot the phone and enjoy.

If you would like to try another firmware, you now only have to perform steps 5 and 6 again (downloading and performing the update).

The result

Have to play around with it some more first. But in general, the user interface feels about as snappy as before, with some things (like opening a contact) being much faster. In general, the user interface has a nice feel to it and I'm quite happy. :)

The home screen is now completely different and feels pretty much like any other Android phone.
The home screen is now completely different and feels pretty much like any other Android phone.
The apps grid. The default Android app launcher is replaced by the ADW Launcher (licensing issues I believe).
The apps grid. The default Android app launcher is replaced by the ADW Launcher (licensing issues I believe).
Running Android 2.3.7.
Running Android 2.3.7.
power ranger

is there any safer way?


Hi power ranger,

let me put it this way: If you feel worried about doing this, don't do it! It's unsupported and will void your warranty. The main reason I did this was because my phone felt old. If a new version of Android could breathe new life into it, great - if only for a few months. And if I would brick it, I would just be looking forward for a new Christmas gift for myself.


Hej Erik!
In English:
I rooted my phone, using SuperOneClick. Downloaded xRecovery installer from "Google Play", ran it, get the same look as on the guide you linked to. However when I click to install, only thing that happens is that the three little icons turn into crossed red rings. Do I have to do something before this step?


Hi Pelle,

I did not point this out in my guide, but the AddictiveTips page I link to states that BusyBox need to be preinstalled. This might be you problem. Check out this thread:

I will update this article to point that out.

Good luck!


Hey Erik

This is a great guide, thanks for this. I am from Denmark, but will write in English for the sake of the wide world. Pelle says that when installing xRecovery he gets just red rings. As far as I understand from the comments on xRecovery, this is because read/write permission is needed on the rooted device, and not because of a lack of Busybox. I will continue to play with it:-)


Hej Erik,
I did have Busybox. What I did was instead to download a Root Manager Lite and put the files directly into /system/bin instead of using the failing installer. It worked fine! Simon you can try it!

Now I am on MiniCM7Pro V21 of CM for 2.3.7. It's like a fresh phone! Why did you opt to use another mod, Erik?

My Swedish (physical) keyboard is mismatching BTW. Did you solve that?



More: I tried the app Mini ROM Manager and changed HW Keyboard layout to qwerty-se-fi, according to some tips, but it still didn't work, no åäö etc. Rebooted, the setting is kept, but keyboard is still wrong. Just to add to the above...


@Simon: Have fun!

@Pelle: Should work. The only thing I can think of is that under "Language & Keyboard" in the settings, the keyboard should be set to "Default input". Hope this helps.


Hey again,
thanks for the tips on this site. After spending quite a long time on this, I finally got another mod to work but only to find out that it did not fix the thing where my touchscreen stops working when I use the keyboard. That means I will have to buy some Galaxy now:-)


Hi Simon,

thanks! :) Just a matter of time until I replace it myself. Currently leaning towards the Huawei Ascend P1.

Merry Christmas!


@Pelle: have you used this mod (MiniCM7Pro V21 of CM for 2.3.7. ) for x10 mini pro ?


Hi, I have to access the Service menu but the numer *#*#7378423#*#* doesn't work anymore ! probably because the file ServiceMenu.apk is not installed with this ROM... I have problems with my internal speaker and I have to go on this secret menu to try fixing it. I found a file ServiceMenu.apk 2.3.3 but my phone tels me "App not installed" , my phone is rooted..


hey Erik,
thanks for your help and advise. i'm from bangladesh. i've sony ericsson x10 (not mini). i want to upgrade android 2.3. how can i do that . will you help me to do that


Hi shimanto,

I cannot help you directly with that, but do take a look at these SonyEricsson X10 forum sections at CyanogenMod and XDA Developers:

They should provide all information you need. Have fun!



Bikash Thada Magar

Hey friends i have also Xperia X10 mini pro and i tried to download the application "Busybox" and "xRecovery" but i can't so please friends if possible please help me by sending this two file in my email id my mailing id is (removed by admin)


Hi Bikash Thada Magar,

I removed your email address to protect you from spammers. The links to both applications can be found in the article and they work for me; I would suggest you simply try it again. If you have any problems downloading or installing, just post back here, including any error messages.


After update gingerbread 2.3.7, but I did all I see an animation of andoid logo like in clouds and flashes,freeze my screen.
restart my phone xrecovery menus can not come why, please help

What can I do ?


After update sony ericsson x10 mini to gingerbread 2.3.7,then anroid logo comes in flashing lights.Than the android logo stops flashing and freezes. And nothing happens than next move. I waited (12 hours) so long but still the same. How much should i wait for that logo screen to boot up my phone

please help


Hello erik my phone still now android logo stops flashing and freeze

pls help me...........


Hi Deepan,

that doesn't sound good at all! The update process should only take a few minutes. If all else fails, you could try to restore the original firmware. Here is a very short video on how to do that:

I can confirm that this works; I just did it five minutes ago. The basic steps are:

1. Install and launch PC Companion
2. Select to update the phone software
3. Click to start, and when it complains it cannot find the phone, select "repair phone"
4. Confirm that all data will be deleted and that you're OK with that
5. (Not in the video) I was asked to switch off the phone, and connect it to the PC while holding the back button.

After a few minutes, the update is complete. Start the phone and you're back with stock 2.1.

Hope this helps.


can any body tell where can i get the firm ware of 2.3.7 for my xperia x 10 mini pro


thanks erik................


Can you download the rom -

And put in another link?
I want to use your version, but I can't download it. Multiupload blocks my country.

Please, give me a help :)


Hi Joao,

the link seems to be dead. In the xda-developers thread, someone added a new link which you could try:

Otherwise, maybe you could contact the person who started the thread and ask for an update of the links in the first post.


gingerbread 2.3.7 to 4.0 ics after update "sony ericsson" white text logo freeze in one day and many more time switch off my mobile but automatically restart mobile and then freeze it

pls help me .......


Hello erik,

pls help me


Hello erik please help me

this problem continue for more then one day

after update 4.0 "sony ericsson" white text logo freeze in one day and many more time switch off my mobile but automatically restart mobile and then freeze it

how can i solve this problem?

what i do ?

pls help me


Hi Stoneman,

this article is about upgrading to 2.3 Gingerbread, not 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS is not likely to work on this device. Try flashing with the original firmware to set things right again:

However, if you are using another device than the X10 Mini Pro and the ICS firmware is official, contact Sony support instead.

Good luck!


"sony ericsson" white text logo freeze its dont to go next step.
then how to connect my phone to sony ericsson pc campaign

please help me


phone wont connect to pc campaign please help me erik......

off/on button not working while (power + home button press) restart mobile but freeze it

cont take any movement

please help............


Hi again Stoneman,

if the phone is frozen and cannot be switched off using the power button, just take out the battery. After putting it back in, wait a while to make sure the phone doesn't turn itself back on automatically. You might have to give it a minute after taking the battery out or try a few times. After making sure the phone is off, you can hold the back button and connect it to the PC while PC Companion is waiting.


Hello Erik, I'm having another problem,

I put a 2.3.7 rom in my xperia x10 mini pro, and i'm having a little problem sending large text to my gf. I only can send few words in a message.
If I send a very large message, the messages doens't send.
I try to look on the internet about this problem, but i just found nothing.

Can you help pls?


After update gingerbread successfully.

But battery backup very poor (only 2 hours).....

How to improve my battery backup

please help.......


Hi Joao,

it could be a problem with SMS splitting:

OR a problem with message center number:

It might also be a problem with your carrier. Try sending/receiving from someone with a different carrier.

If you cannot find a solution... install WhatsApp! ;)


Hi Mr.Bheem,

there could be several reasons. After a quick Google, here are some things people have tried, some of which may work:

- Turning off and turning on the phone
- Install and run the JuiceDefender app
- Factory reset the phone
- Let the phone drain the battery until it switches off itself, then recharge the phone to 100%, then switch it on

See if any of these work for you. Otherwise, Google is your friend.


Just for curiosity, how many hours you battery can handle?

In the morning i have 100% battery, and 5/6 hours later I just have 5%


Hi Joao,

that sounds low. The capacity of the battery in this phone is, however, rather weak. In stand by with GSM only, I get maybe 48 hours. If I actually use the phone - calling, surfing, listening to music - then it might last just about a day. So it depends mainly on what you use it for and what apps you have running.


Hi Erik, can you please tell me the name of the android 2.3.7 distro that used to tale the screenshots in this article? Thanks in advance.


Hi Yan,

it's called "Flame.GDX ICS v1.0" and is based on CyanogeMod 7.


hi sir, actually i'm not sure what to do and as well as how to do this... i want to change the os of my x10 mini pro via my laptop for this i need a flashtool and i already have it, and then i downloaded the CM 7, and now when i was going to download the rom's and kernel there it was MINI CM? now what the hell that is?? i mean i already downloaded one os for my mob( 83 mb ) nd that minicm i 138 mb? now what??? i dont know that where to put all those files please help me. thanks......


Hi saad,

from their website: "MiniCM is a custom-built ROM for the X10 Mini / X10 Mini Pro / X8 based on CyanogenMod."

So with this ROM, you should be able to run Gingerbread, ICS or JB on the X10 Mini Pro. To find out more, go to their website:

Check out the information under the menu: Information => MiniCM[version] => mimmi


Hi sir how can I download whatssap


Hi Ester,

it may not be relevant to this thread, but just open Google Play on your phone and search for WhatsApp.


Hey bro!!ater updating my sd caard is not working!!!now what to do?? :'(


Hi Avro,

I would like to help, but need some more details on what actually doesn't work. Is the phone not booting, or is it unable to read the SD card?


It is unable to read the sd card!


Hi again Avro,

I don't know if this issue applies to the X10 mini pro, but seems to be relatively common with the "regular" X10. Basically, you can try:
- Formatting the SD card using a PC or another phone
- Trying/buying another SD card
Check this thread over at SonyMobile (reply #21):

If this is an official update from SonyEricsson (not CyanogenMod), you might get support from them directly. Hope things work out!


sorry please where can i download function busybox and xrecovery


Erik, all the root programs like superoneclick has virus!! OR? My anti virus program blocked it from download


@kiba: Check out the paragraphs "3. Installing BusyBox" and "4. Installing xRecovery" above.

@Dave: The applications are hosted by other providers so I cannot control whether they contain malware. I should point out though, that some antivirus programs report hacking tools as viruses, even though they are harmless (provided the users know what they are doing). On the SuperOneClick download page, there is a comment thread - check out the comments and consider asking if anyone else has the problem.


Does the same steps will work with X10i ?

Md jobayer

Hi Erik
i am facing a problem that in my x10 mini pro, bluetooth connection is truning on and off automatically. i cannot use my bluetooth .please help me. firmwire version is 2.1


@Tommhani: Probably not. The procedure would be similar, but the firmware is most likely not the same. Check out the XDA Developer forums and see if you can find anything there.

@Md jobayer: Thank your for your post. However, it is difficult to tell what the problem might be. Maybe try upgrading to 2.3 using the instructions on this page? Could be worth a shot.


hi erik,,nothing happens when i press the back button continously..


Hi nhel,

did you press it repeatedly or did you keep the button pressed? The latter should work.


hi erik.. i also have x10mini pro.. i have all the requirements that i can use for the gingerbread update but i dont know how to do it.. i already rooted my device and downloads all the files that is needed to upgrade.. i have.. xrecovery, MiniCM7Pro_V21 of CM for 2.3.7, and the root explorer.. what is the next step?

please help..

i just watch a video the final steps there is to turn off the device and turn on
when the device vibrated he said keep pressing the back space but it didn't work


XPERIA X10 MINI . . . . . during the installation of xRecovery software i receive three error messages that system\bin\chargemon file exist . . . and same error messages for busybox and xrecovery . . . . i also tried to manually copy those three files to system\bin and i did so . . . . but during boot there is no dialogue box from xrecovery . . . . i tried it for more than twenty times but its not working . . . .


i tried in both way by pressing the back button repeatedly and holding it , but it still didn't work . . . no dialogue box from Xrecovery . . .


@jerome & Pawan: Difficult to figure out what's wrong. Maybe some other tutorial has more details? Google is hopefully your friend:


hi erik sir i want to upgrade my x10 mini pro bt when i upgrade bt 2.1 into 2.3 the pc companion only show 2.1


Hi sargam,

PC Companion cannot be used upgrade the device to 2.3. Please use the guide in this article instead.

To check the currently installed version, use the phone and go to Settings and select About Phone (refer to screenshot above).


My phone cant accept my google account, even when im connected with wi-fi. What should i do

please help!!!


Hi Vincent,

had this problem as well with some custom rom (can't remember which), but I did not really try to solve it, instead just installed another rom and that worked.

A guess: Maybe the layout of the keyboard changed in the software so that it does not correspond to the physical keyboard? This could be a problem eg. if you have a German phone and the layout changes to English - the Y and Z keys will then be swapped.


Can it work at sony x10 mini (no pro)


I have sony x10 mini.i haven't install android 2.3.7 but i don't know if it is possible to install it at my phone.can you answer me erik please.(my english may be not so good becouse i am greek)

kiran tanka

Hi Erik, at first I will say thanks to you for giving a good article. Erik I have got some stuff like this from other sites, but ur explains are good among the others. actually what I need, is it supports to my SE Xperia X10 mini? coz, your guide is on fully supported to X10 mini pro. and onemore thing is ... I was partitioned my memory card into two (FAT32 and ex2) to support Link2SD app. The partitions are 3GB,1GB respectively. the question is .. in which partition I have to installed the update file? after updating the os, the ex2 partition part is visible in device ?give me the step by step guide...


Hi Gseli, hi kiran tanka,

thank you for the feedback! About compatibility with the non-pro, I would recommend you use a rom specifically for that version. You can look at the cyanogenmod for xperia mini:

There is also a whole forum section dedicated to the device at XDA Developers, where you can find more info and custom roms:

It could also be a good place to sort out the question regarding where to install it when the SD card is partitioned, because I'm afraid I don't know the answer myself.

Power Arc

Hi Eric
Can U please do a video of this??so that it would be helpful for the users who wanna do this stuff

Power Arc

Hi Erik
Also if I only Root (Not installing Custom ROM) my Xperia x10 mini pro what features can I get??


Hi Power Arc,

I'll consider making a video - but don't get your hopes up! I picked up the Nexus 4 recently and I now find it difficult to go back to the X10 Mini Pro. ;)

About benefits of rooting: Some applications require rooting to work - like file explorers that let you access more of the file system, powerful backup tools, or hardware tweaking tools. Titanium backup os one example, Root explorer another.

Power Arc

Hi Eric

Man please try to make a video of that in your free time...

And When it comes to only ROOTING, can we get APP2SD feature after rooting and expansion of internal memory coz got rid of this low internal memory....:( Running 2.1 compared to present world of Android Power makes me SAD so

Power Arc

Hi Pell

I need ur assistance in installing MiniCM7Pro V21 of CM for 2.3.7

I read that it seems stable ROM

I need your help

tarun sharma

hiii erig, i don't understand how to do it please tell me in detail please.....!!


Hi Power Arc, hi tarun sharma,

the guide should provide all the information needed to perform the upgrade. If you feel that anything is unclear or that some steps are missing, please tell and I will try to help. The more specific, the better.

tarun sharma

hiii erig,i have download all requirements but how to install in mobile i have try many times but i don't do it please tell mee.......pleaseeeeeee

tarun sharma

hiii erig, i have root the device but how to to install xrecovery.update.and update to 2.3.... pleaseeee tell meeee

tarun sharma

hiii erig,i have download xrecovery but install in phone phone showing there is parse problem how to solve it


Hi tarun sharma,

a parse problem may indicate a bad download or incompatible phone. Make sure your phone is compatible and download the package again.

Also have a look in the XDA Developers xRecovery thread, this could be a good place to search for answers:

ujjwal silwal

i bricked my x10 mini pro. then i tried the youtube link u have shared on repairing my phone bt it told that my phone has already the latest version.
and i am not able to get my 2.1 back as it told i have already latest version.
please help


Hi ujjwal silwal,

sorry to hear the phone is bricked. You might want to check this thread to see if it helps you:


Great tutorial, except I can't get xRecovery to start. can you help me?


hiii erig, how to install x recovery,


Hi chris, hi prior,

as described above, just follow these instructions:

Make sure all prerequisites are met. Are you getting any error messages?


hi Erik. Great guide of course. Thanks for that. I managed to upgrade my daughter's x10mini pro to recente Android version. The problem now is that she grew affectionated to Sony optimized Active User interface. Do you know any way to install that launcher or similar ? Thanks in advance for any help.


hi erik,i had updated my sony ericsson w8 2.1 eclairs to ginger dx 2.3.7 ginger bread......but can't go back to my oiginal 2.1 i decided to move to ginger xperia....but after installing its only showing Sony ericsson and freezes the movement...
i opened my battery and tried it for more over than 20 times...
but nthng happens...all remain freeze at sony ericsson...
what to do??????
plz help me out of this.....plzzzz ;(


@philoz: Thank you! You might want to check out a ROM with a similar look and feel as the original interface. Here is one (that I haven't tried, but it looks good):

@sayan: You might be able to use PC Companion from SonyEricsson to unbrick the device. You can find brief instructions in a previous comment. Hope this helps!


hi Erik,

i rooted my xperia x10 mini pro,then installed busybox.But when try to install xRecovery, in its home screen "install xrecovery" button is showing.when clicked on it, nothing happening after that.pls help....


how to update the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini 2.1 to any other version


I'm getting this error when I try to install the from xrecovery
"error in status 7 installation aborted"


Hi! Erik I`m sorry my english isn`t gud enough.
what I nid u 2 help me is tht, my xperia x10 mini pro deny 2 install sm apps 'This app could not be installed in this phone' plz help me


erik, fair play to you, you have some patience!!


Hi everyone,

Erik here. I just wanted to let you know that while you are still welcome to post new comments to this article, I probably won't be replying to them anymore. Reason is, since I got a new phone I have stopped using my X10. But thank you all for the feedback! :)


i break my phone what can i do


Followed your instructions and installed 2.3. But the phone froze at bootup. Again following your instructions, installed 2.1.
What an experience! End of the I am where I started.. :D


Hi Any,

to bad the update didn't work, but sometimes just *not* bricking the device already feels like a victory. ;)


I rooted my phone and everythink else but when i instal my new softvare and reboot my phone i see just a logo screen, what to do ?


I've wondering if such thing was possible, I can not bring up the system recovery I have tried like you said but it just doesnt work


this xperia x10 mini pro is so really suck. can anyone help me to up to date this phone to new android? I need help!


No commet

Write my Essay Now UK

Extraordinary guide obviously. I figured out how to overhaul my little girl's x 10 mini than expected genius to late Android adaptation. The issue now is that she became friendly to Sony advanced Active User interface. Do you know any approach to introduce that launcher or comparative? Much obliged ahead of time for any offer assistance.

Elmer Malubay

will you please help me secure this sony xperia x10 i am more than willing to pay exact amount for this

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