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Photo Sunday: "Illusion"

Why 2D is more fun than 3D

This week's theme being "Illusion", I decided to retry something I did a few years ago - building an impossible 3D triangle. I found instructions here and got busy. Once done, the thing looked nothing like a triangle; the trick is to look at it from just the right angle, preferably with one eye. The camera makes it almost look real.

Build your own impossible 3D triangle!
Build your own impossible 3D triangle!

I think that this is really awesome.


Thank you quimby! :)


how to do that??


Hi Karina,

it's quite simple actually - for folding instructions, just follow the link:

I found using a fairly a long lens (>100mm) helps "flatten" the look of the triangle. Getting the right angle is critical. Put the triangle on the floor or on a table and walk around it to find the right spot. Mount the camera on a tripod there. The tripod helps, since you can make small adjustments to the angle and composition without having to start over every time. Hand-holding gets very tiresome. Keep shooting and adjusting until you get it right.


well done


so easy to do but hard to see !!!

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