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Ricoh Caplio R7 mini-review

Bought a new camera about a week ago since I got tired of the old one (Casio Z60). Instead of playing it safe and just go with any Canon IXUS (basically, all IXUS cameras provide great bang for the buck) I decided to go for a Ricoh Caplio R7. Featuring 8MP and a 7.1x optical zoom in a very small format, it seemed like a steal for 217 EUR. And so far, I'm very satisfied with it. Here is what I have concluded so far:

The good:

  • Good color reproduction
  • 7.1x zoom (can't be bad)
  • Good macro (1cm, or 25cm at full zoom)
  • Standard mini-usb cable, standard (hc)sd-card
  • Lots of settings to play around with (including manual focus), easily accessible using the dedicated "adj"-joystick

The bad:

  • Somewhat loud (startup, focusing, zooming)
  • Diagonal lines on display look jagged
  • Slow focus, unable to focus at times
  • Struggles somewhat under low-light conditions

Check out some sample pictures from the gallery. Note that all pictures are shot at 3MP (lame, I know).

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