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Easily create your own ''Beta'' icons!

Shiny Icon Maker - New features

By popular request

Creating icons for your web pages just got a lot easier. I added some new functionality to the Shiny Icon Maker - the possibility to add arbitrary text. Just click "Use Text Input" on the accordion. Type in some text, select a font, set the font size and download. You can also rotate the text! Everything still in beta, though. Go try it out.

Erik Jonson

No need using fancy graphics program. This do the work in a minute.

Erik Jonson

Tweaking suggestion :-)
It would be nice to have a digit showing what font size (and rotation) value is selected.


Thanks for the feedback! The suggested functionality has been implemented, just waiting to be tried out. ;)

Robert (WebsiteToolTester)

Cool new features! I'll give your icon maker a test run and write an article about it soon.

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