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Trial and error.. I mean, timing, is key.

Suspended droplets

Don't forget to bring a towel

This one was quite fun to shoot. The setup is similar to a typical "splash shot" - that is, you fill a small bag with water (I used a juice carton with screw cap) which gives you a stream of drops at a steady rate. With the camera mounted on a tripod and using an external flash with reflector card, I regulated the flow of water so that it was nearly pouring, but still dripping, making perfect timing less of an issue. The lens was a vintage 55mm Pentax with a 25mm extension tube. Aperture f/8 and shutter speed 1/200th and some of trial and error gave nice results.


Super Bild!
Hast Du allein gearbeitet oder hat jemand für dich fokussiert und ausgelöst?


Hallo Damián,


alles selber gemacht. War ein bisschen arbeit, hat sich aber gelohnt. Fernauslöser hilft. ;)

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