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Gallery: A trip to Crete, Greece 2013

We spent a week on the Greek island of Crete, home of beautiful beaches and ancient history.

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The city of Platatias with the island Thodorou in the background, wagely resembling a turtle about to bite.Lighttower in the port of Chania.We went on a tour to see as much of the island as possible - too bad the weather wasn't quite playing along. A very exciting ride on narrow roads and high hills.After the rain.The beach at Elafonisi. The sand forms an interesting underwater landscape, making it possible to move between the islands if you choose the right path.Also footsteps.Moussaka - in case you haven't tried - do.We went to the ancient city of Knossos - or what was left of it. Strangely, today it consist mostly of more or less accurately "reconstituted" buildings.
Erik Moberg  2019