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Windows7 Backup Error Code 0x810000FF

From the Helpful Error Codes-dept.

I am using Windows 7 at the time, and it's set up to backup some "important" files to an external hard drive on a regular basis. The other day, Windows kept telling me that the backup failed, giving the helpful error code 0x810000FF. Google did not provide any real help on this. I did notice, however, that I was low on disk space on one of my partitions included in the backup (not the target drive, nor the system partition). Freeing up a couple of GBs did the trick. So maybe the error code should be "insufficient disk space" or something. But then again, hex looks cooler.


I have also setup a regular backup on my external hard drive, so far without any weird error hex codes.
But I am also experimenting with Microsofts SkyDrive, which gives you 25 GB (!) of free storage. So far it worked really well. This way if my place burns down or I am travelling with my laptop I will still keep my important files :-)

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