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Canon 50mm 1.8 Stuck on Camera Body

Plastic but not fantastic

Earlier this week, I accidentally dropped my Canon nifty-fifty lens on the floor. Without inspecting it, I put it on the camera and was happy to see that it worked. And today I tried to take it off - only to find that it was stuck. Turns out that this is a quite common problem with this lens - the lens mount is made out of plastic and easily gets damaged, which can lead to this problem. However, since the mount of the camera is metal (update: actually it's plastic as well), you still have a fair shot if you turn the lens hard enough. After a long struggle, the lens finally came off, together with some small loose plastic pieces. Luckily, both the camera and the lens survived. Don't try this at home!


I just had the same problem in my canon 550D. My 50mm 1.8 II fell on the ground. I did not check it after that and inserted it into the camera. The lens stuck in the camera. After few attempts I forced the lens and end up with the same result you show on the picture. Happy that my camera is woking perfectly without a problem.


Hi Suliman,

sorry to hear you had the same problem, but happy you solved it without any nasty side effects! I noticed that my camera has started to sporadically have problems communicating with some lenses afterwards - seems like the pins inside the mount took a beating. :(

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