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Actually, I haven't tested this on the iPhone yet... please get back to me if you try it and it doesn't work - and feel free provide a bugfix too. ;)

New: Responsive image gallery

Form the Anything is Better-dept.

I have been using HighSlide for quite some time for the image gallery now, and felt it was time for an update, especially since it never worked well on smartphones. A quick google didn't immediately yield what I was looking for, so I implemented a simple image slideshow thingy using JavaScript and CSS. It is still a bit rough around the edges - works well on Nexus 4 and most modern browsers though - but should scale better on mobile devices and also look great on a PC. Try it out if you like.


Beautiful! Are you willing to share your secret?


Hi Cassidy,

it's no secret! In the source code of this page, find and open the JS file "scripts.js.php". Scroll down to the part starting with "function RespGallery" and enjoy the messy JavaScript! ;)

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