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Google Play: Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy

Google Play not playing around

Google play logo.

I recently received a friendly e-mail from Google explaining that my game Ten Tiny Levels had been removed from Google Play. Excerpt:

After review, Ten Tiny Levels, com.regalraccoongames.tentinylevels, has been removed from Google Play due to a policy violation. This app won’t be available to users until you submit a compliant update.

Luckily, I did get the app back in the store after a few attempts. Read on for the solution.

Icon Maker Revamped

Now even more flat

The React logo.

I haven't touched the Shiny Icon Maker in a while, and it was slowly starting to show its age, both by what icons it could handle and the technology stack behind it. And as soon as something starts to feel old, simply change the stack! The new version uses React instead instead of Knockout JS and also adds a bunch of new icons, while also removing a lot of clutter. Try it out!

Wall Mounting a D-Link COVR AC1200 Mesh Node

Or rather, how not to

The D-Link COVR AC1200.

To get better wi-fi coverage at home, I recently started looking at getting a mesh system. With mesh, two or more units are placed around your house and then they will magically work together to produce perfect coverage everywhere. Each node typically also has a couple of RJ45 ports for connecting wired network equipment. I ended up betting on the affordable AC1202 kit by D-Link (same as AC1203 except with two nodes instead of three). I had originally planned to wall mount one node, and the guy in the shop told be this would be easy because they come with mounting holes - which turned out to be inaccurate. Read on for a simple method endorsed by no one.

Android Works Surprisingly Well With Mouse and Keyboard

OK, it was Sunday and I had nothing better to do

All set up: Mouse and keyboard connected using a USB hub, plus a headset connected using the keyboard passthrough audio cable.

On some phone models, a broken display also means that the touch functionality breaks. As a last resort, some people have attached a wireless mouse to their device as a temporary solution. But why wait for the display to break before attaching proper peripherals? Surely a mechanical keyboard would improve the user experience significantly! With a poor man's docking station - a USB adapter connected to a USB hub - you can get that proper PC feel and still be using your phone. (OK, it makes no sense, but still cool that it works.)

A year with the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2016 Edition

Mechanical yearly

The keyboard uses Razer's own font, but not for all keys. Note that the $ character has the typical Razer blocky font, while the £ and € do not.

Mechanical keyboards have been all the rage for quite some time now (since the 70s?). One year ago, wanting to jump on the bandwagon, I treated myself to one. This although my regular $12 keyboard was working just fine, that a mechanical keyboard is rather expensive, and that I wasn't even very fond of the tactile feel - or noise - of a mechanical keyboard. But as a programmer, I do type a lot, and good tools would hopefully help me in my line of work. How it went? Read on for more. (Spoiler: it turned out well!)

SSL Enabled

Even more safe for work

Your data is safe with me.

In the unlikely case anyone ever felt that the only thing lacking on this site was privacy, I just enabled SSL. Your browser should now indicate this site is secure. So have fun and enjoy the secure world of HTTPS!

Icon Maker - Now with even more icons

Because more is moar

Some of the new icons, these from the icon set Afiado.

While I'm mostly using fonts for icons these days, traditional PNG icons, which the Shiny Icon Maker produces, still have their uses. And to further increase the usefulness of the icon maker, I just added a quite a few new icons from different icon sets. You may now also filter the icons by name and icon set. Try it out!

Review: Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition

Save the southpaws

I have been considering getting another mouse to use with my left hand to relieve the right hand from some stress. And yes, that means I am not a left hander myself. I hope I am still allowed to write this review! While symmetrical mice are all around, finding a pure left handed design is easier said than done. Read on for my thoughts on the Razer DeathAdder - Left Hand Edition.

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